Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated Building, often referred to as Prefab, is a type of building that consists of several factory-built components or units that are assembled on-site to complete the unit. Prefab is also called as various names according to the industry practice and usage.
Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE), modular, fit-for-purpose buildings constructed to house equipment for monitoring and controlling individual process units and electrical equipments at refining, petrochemical, chemical, power, oil & gas and other process facilities.
  • Remote Instrument Enclosure (RIE)
  • Remote Interface Building (RIB)
  • Satellite Instrument House (SIH)
  • Field Auxiliary Room (FAR)
  • Power Distribution Center (PDC)E-House
The units can be fabricated, fully-equipped and tested in a controlled and secure environment by highly skilled craftsmen before being shipped to the client’s facility where they can be easily hooked up. This more productive approach saves time, is safer and is less costly for the client, especially when it is part of a brown field expansion. The alternative had been to construct and outfit a building on-site amidst other activities. This field construction method often resulted in delays, safety hazards, permit issues and cost overruns.
Typically, RIE’s are constructed from galvanized steel, but can be manufactured in fiberglass, pre-fabricated concrete, or other materials suitable to operate in corrosive environments or to meet blast-resistant requirements. Hisco performs overall structure(base, wall, roof, floor, interior, exterior, cable tray, duct, electric, panel, door) design, material procurement and fabricates the building shells, and then self-performs installation and integration of the control system equipment, power distribution, and building utilities (HVAC, lighting, fire detection & alarm, receptacles, etc.) in an integration and staging facility.
  • Optimized Schedule & Space
  • Flexible Allocation & Arrangement
  • Cut-down Construction Period
  • Man-hour Saving
  • Effective Integrated FAT
  • Mobility

Logistics & Transportation

Hisco has a team of industry-experienced logistics and transport specialists who understand how to get large shipments from point A to point B without mishap and within the various country ground transportation guidelines. Similarly, they are experts in export regulations and ocean movement to international locations.

Site Installation

Once delivered to the site, the RIE is set on its foundation, power is brought to the building, and home-run signal cables are terminated at the RIE marshaling terminals. In addition, fiber optic network communication cables are installed and connected to control system equipment located in the plant Central Control Room (CCR). The RIE building and contained control system equipment can be operational in a short time compared to previous traditional control system installations.

Why Hisco?

Hisco’s automation and control expertise gives the client value added with the construction of the RIE. Experience – Hisco has vast experience in the design, engineering, instrument layout, panel construction and integration of automation and control projects for the process industries worldwide. Turnkey Capability – The RIE project can be fully handled by Hisco as a single source supplier with single point responsibility and consistent quality. Hisco can supply the RIE, reducing the number of third party contractors and providing a smooth interface on the project. Hisco’s field installation and commissioning completes the turnkey offering.